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Can’t eat one more ham slice? What you can do with those leftovers.

So, this year, with the new space and opportunity to accommodate, we invited everyone here.  They graciously accepted.  It was a different kind of hectic and crazy, but we loved it.  We split the early day between our families and ended with an open house style, come and go as you want.  Basically, we ate all day.  And there was an abundance of leftovers to show for it.  Several days later now, and we still have a fridge full of ham and turkey over here.  

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The Everyday Feeling – getting things done, nothing accomplished

... While on the "I'm killing it" high, I make a bad call and walk around my house and take in the mess.  I should have just put on the blinders and bee lined for a "you are so awesome" bath.  (click to read more.)

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The Joy of Advent

We do a lot of holiday traditions in our home and I just love it. I get it from my mama. She was big on traditions too.  I think traditions help to give us all something to remember, as well as something look forward to each year.  It also simplifies the holidays a little bit for me.  I don't have to think up new awesome memory makers every year. (read more)