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Toss the Toxins for a Safer, Healthier Home

...Did you know chemicals and toxins are everywhere?  Seriously, everywhere.  In the mattresses we buy, fabric softener we use, make up and skin care we cover our bodies with, cleaning products we spray all over our homes.  It goes on and on.  It's crazy.  The craziest part to me was how unregulated they all are.  You read that correctly. Read more to see why it matters and how you can start purging your home of unwanted chemicals and toxins!

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6 Solutions to Simplify your Christmas Decoration Storage

I have acquired a few very helpful storage solutions in the last couple of years that are awesome for the odd shaped and often fragile Christmas decor.  I'm going to share some of those with you guys and a few things that I look forward to adding to my Christmas decoration storage and organization soon.

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Can’t eat one more ham slice? What you can do with those leftovers.

So, this year, with the new space and opportunity to accommodate, we invited everyone here.  They graciously accepted.  It was a different kind of hectic and crazy, but we loved it.  We split the early day between our families and ended with an open house style, come and go as you want.  Basically, we ate all day.  And there was an abundance of leftovers to show for it.  Several days later now, and we still have a fridge full of ham and turkey over here.  


The Quick and Easy Way to Clean Your Humidifier

However, if they are not cleaned every now and then, those little breathe-better helpers aren't all that helpful at all.  They can even grow mold!  eeeeewwwwww!!!!  Nobody is trying to help along some mold growth in the house. 

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The Everyday Feeling – getting things done, nothing accomplished

... While on the "I'm killing it" high, I make a bad call and walk around my house and take in the mess.  I should have just put on the blinders and bee lined for a "you are so awesome" bath.  (click to read more.)

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The Joy of Advent

We do a lot of holiday traditions in our home and I just love it. I get it from my mama. She was big on traditions too.  I think traditions help to give us all something to remember, as well as something look forward to each year.  It also simplifies the holidays a little bit for me.  I don't have to think up new awesome memory makers every year. (read more)

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House Hunting, tips and lessons learned

Woah everyone!   The last month has been a house hunt/ home buying whirlwind.  After a couple of intense weeks of house hunting, we were under contract and moving fast through the home loan process.  (Read More)

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5 Steps to a Stress Free (as possible) Home Purchase

Are you home shopping?  Dreaming of home shopping?  Stalking homes on Zillow?  We were too.  Do know if you are ready financially?  Read about the goals we set to lower the stress of buying/owning a home!

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Why it took us 10 years to buy our first home

We certainly did not plan to wait 10 years to buy our first home.  It seems like forever and nothing at the same time.  Plans can change so quickly.  Some set you back and some drive you forward.  Here is the super condensed version. (click for more...)


Vacation Hangover 

Have you been here? I'm still in vacation mode, relaxed and dreaming of delicious food and swanky cocktail lounges, but pulled reluctantly back into parenting reality. It's rough. (click for more...)