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Toss the Toxins for a Safer, Healthier Home

Hello again.  I am so excited about this post!  You may not know this about me yet, but I get geeked out about all things health.  Hold onto your seats folks, this one is full of good stuff!!

If you have been following along with our FB or Instagram pages, you know what’s coming!  While we sit in a bit of waiting period on buying more beautiful things for our home, I want to share with you guys some of the ways I have worked at removing harmful and toxic chemicals from our home.  It has been quite the long journey and we are still making changes.

Did you know chemicals and toxins are everywhere?  Seriously, everywhere.  In the mattresses we buy, fabric softener we use, make up and skin care we cover our bodies with, cleaning products we spray all over our homes.  It goes on and on.  It’s crazy.  The craziest part to me was how unregulated they all are.  You read that correctly.

detoxing your home


The NRDC website says,

“Of the more than 80,000 chemicals currently used in the United States, most haven’t been adequately tested for their effects on human health.  These chemicals lurk in everyday items: furniture, cosmetics, household cleaners, toys, even food.”

Completely unregulated, and yet, cancer, diabetes, hormone problems, mental illness, depression, reproductive struggles, and so many other medical issues seem to be constantly on the rise.  I still have so much to learn about what we bring in our home and expose our children to.  But, I certainly feel like each step in the right direction helps.

I haven’t thrown out all of our furniture and we don’t buy organic 100% of the time (we do our best on our budget), but I am diligently working to be more intentional and more educated in our decisions.  We take it one choice at a time, one purchase at a time.

Have you thought about it?  What you breathe in as you clean?  What is left behind in the air, on your tables, counter tops, doorknobs, floors that everyone touches?  What about your laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets put on your clothes that can seep into your skin while you wear them?  Woah.  eeewwweeeee

I had thought about it, but I didn’t know what the better options were.  I didn’t know where to get it, or what to get first that would help make the biggest impact and remove the most toxins at once.


– What’s The Big Deal? –

Here are just a few not so lovely problems these everyday toxins have been linked to:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Hormone Disruptors
  • Shrunken Testicles (yup, and no thanks)
  • Fertility Problems
  • Skin Irritants

Yowza, right?


toxins linked to health problems

Unfortunately, there is just toooooooooo much info to put in one post between foods, water, furniture, cleaning, make up and skin care, nutrition, etc.  So, today I am going to focus on giving you some websites and apps that are top resources for more information on your current products and suggestions for safe ones to replace them with.  After that, I am going to focus on a few of our favorite cleaning solutions that jump started the toxin purge in our home 6 years ago.

Why start with cleaning?  First, because they can be so very toxic and full of unwanted chemicals we would not knowingly purchase if we understood what they do to us.  Second, because they seem to be something we are constantly buying and trying something new or different.  Third, they are ALL over our home living in our kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, and they linger in our air and on every surface we use them on.

Take a minute to browse the info below, and then use the links to take a minute to see what is your current favorite products….


– Resources for Information –

Cleveland Clinic – great article, Household Chemical Products and Their Health Risk

EWG – a website with research and information

Want to know what is in your current products?  EWG is my favorite place for product information.  Check out these links!

EWG, Healthy Living Home Guide – information on all things home including air filters, flooring, paint, furnishings, etc.

EWG, Guide to Healthy Cleaning – amazing resource for finding out what is your current products.  It rates them A-F.  You will be surprised what some of the most common and marketed products rate!

EWG, Skin Deep – website to check out what is in your products


– Favorite Apps, Quick Reference –

EWG, Healthy Living – scan or search your products at home or in the store before you buy

Think Dirty – amazing app for scanning products to get info on what’s in them.  It will even rate your bathroom shelf if you choose to scan your products.  Super Cool!



– Where do you go from here? –

Now, you know.  You cannot unknow.  So, what do you do now?  Start with what you need next.  What is almost empty?  Start with that one.  Make up or moisturizer?  Laundry detergent?  Dish soap?  Lysol wipes?  Swiffer pads?  Your favorite counter spray?  Replace them with something better and something safer.  This will help keep you from getting too overwhelmed by trying to replace them all at once.

I know I often think, “certainly someone is keeping an eye on ‘that’ industry to ensure they aren’t killing me slowly.” But, the reality is, they aren’t.  They aren’t monitoring our baby’s diapers, wipes, soaps or lotions.  They are not monitoring what unnecessary toxins are put into items we use everyday.  So, it is up to you to inform yourself.  As I learn more and more, I will be sure to keep sharing it here.  Today, I just hope this information today encourages you to be more informed in your purchases and the products that you bring into your home.

So, with all the good/bad information in mind, let me share with you what we use most often in my home and LOVE everyday.  A few things I considered before dropping old cleaners to switch to a safer, toxin free option were:

  • Is it safer for my family?  Kids and pets especially.
  • Can I keep this up long term?
  • How much does it cost comparatively?
  • Does is work as well or better than my current products?

Here is where I landed and what have become daily helpers in my cozy home.

First up, Vinegar!  This amazing, talented, cheap multi purpose cleaner is an amazing cleaning friend.  Though the smell isn’t sweet, it doesn’t linger.  Better Home and Gardens gives a good list of ways to use it here.

Second, most of our cleaning “products” have been replaced with Norwex.  About 6 years ago, a friend introduced me to my favorite cleaning product company, Norwex.  I started with one or maybe 2 cloths and fell in love SO fast.  I found I could clean more things faster, because I did not have to swap out cleaners, cloths, or sprays and use 35 paper towels while I was at it.  I can disinfect the kitchen counter, clean the smears off the window, wipe down the table, get the smudges off the refrigerator, and clean the front of the cabinets with one cloth!  Almost every item I have tried along the way has blown me away.  They not only clean efficiently and effectively, they have saved us so much money!

The biggest thing that got me initially with Norwex, was their amazing microfiber cloths woven with SILVER.  I have been down with the powerful bacteria and virus killing power of silver for a long time. (We even drink colloidal silver and use a topical silver gel instead of an antiseptic cream.) But, I had never found it as a cleaning agent or in a microfiber cloth before.  Norwex has created a microfiber woven with silver and we love it in our house.  It cleans up so fast and kills all the germs!

The Envirocloth is the first product I tried that got me tossing so many bottles of toxins out of my home.  I use it daily all over my house.  I have had 4 cloths for 6 years that I still use.  Seriously.  I have added new ones along the way, because I like to keep them in certain areas for quick use.  Some are designated for extra dirty jobs like toilets or hung inside the bathroom vanity doors for quick counter clean up.  One lives in the car cleaning bucket for wiping down inside the cars.

I can’t wait to share all the ways I use them!  (like I said, geek out…)

Check out Norwex’s Top 10 products and information.  They have a safer option for just about every cleaning job in your home, including laundry and toilet bowls.  You can try one item at a time, or grab some amazing deals with one of their starter packages.

Some products I recommend or endorse, I get paid nothing on.  Some, I do.  I will always try to be as transparent as possible.  In this case, after 6 years of loving their products, using them daily in our home, sharing them with friends, hosting parties, I chose to partner with Norwex and join as a consultant in December so I can share them with you here!  If you choose to order something, it supports this blog and my family.  Thank you!!

I am pretty dang excited to be able to offer you the best and safest solution to your cleaning needs.  If you already use Norwex, please contact your current consultant for new purchases.  If you have never heard of it or tried it and want to take a look, check it out here.

If you want guidance on the best items to start with, send me a message and I will be so happy to help you out!  If this interests you, be sure to follow along over with The Coziest Home on Facebook and The Coziest Home on Instagram for what products I am using daily along with a bunch of videos on how they work and why they are amazing.

–  Most Important Thing  –

Just. Get. Started.  Just get started, somewhere.  I dropped most of our household cleaning products with no problem and no regrets.  Others took me a little longer to get over and move on.  It can be hard to let go of the routine or what you think you need to use to make something clean.  Some people have a hard time letting go of their laundry smells or how they like to clean their toilets.  You may end up with a couple of your own hang ups that take a while to let go of and try the safer option.

Start Somewhere.Today. (1)

Download those apps and start scanning in store to see what is in the products BEFORE you put them in your cart.  There are some good products that you can buy in the store, and as I come across them, I will share them on The Coziest Home social media accounts for you.

I have never regretted letting go of any of my old ideas on what clean meant.  And I LOVE a clean home.  (Note, not to clean my home, just having a clean home.)

There is one more staple I use in our home consistently, but will talk all about it in another post.  (Gotta keep you coming back for something…)

Be sure to check out some of the amazing cleaning products that Norwex has created to help you start and keep rolling down your safe and healthy home journey!

I hope this was helpful and interesting to you!  Do you want to know more about this?  I will be sharing more soon on some of these topics:

  • clean and fresh air without candles, plugins, or sprays (even with pets or dirty diapers)
  • favorite skin care and beauty products I trust
  • what’s the deal with essential oils
  • favorite baby and kiddo items

Let me know in the comments what you want to learn more about next!

OH, and be sure to keep up on Facebook and Instagram for some Toxin Free Living Giveways!!!








7 thoughts on “Toss the Toxins for a Safer, Healthier Home

  1. These are great tips and it’s really nice to hear you say “start small.” I use baking soda to clean out the bathtub, but I know I could be doing better in other areas of the home. This post was a nice reminder.


  2. I suffer from allergies so this is super helpful. Toxins is something you think about but never in depth and we don’t really do much to get rid of what we can. Thanks for sharing these resources!


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