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6 Solutions to Simplify your Christmas Decoration Storage

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Christmas has come and sadly gone.  I have enjoyed my recovery days and have had time to prepare mentally for the task of putting away all of the decorations.  Not that excited about it though.  Being so new in our home, it is still quite bare.  Once the tree is down, and the mantel decorations have been put away, it is going to feel so empty again.

There is another part of me that is excited to start on some new projects and get back to hunting for beautiful things to fill our space.  January is a low spend month for us, so that will give me time to plan while we work on the next part of our home decor/furniture budget.

How about you?  Did you take yours down on December 26?  Do you leave if for another month?  I usually take them down just after the new year.  So, I’m not too far behind a typical year.  But, since I am taking my oh so precious time while the kids are in school today to write this post, and then have to make a costco run… it may have to wait until tomorrow.  Oh well, not upset about relaxing in front of my gorgeous tree one more evening.

6 Solutions for your Christmas Decoration Storage (1)

I have acquired a few very helpful storage solutions in the last couple of years that are awesome for the odd shaped and often fragile Christmas decor.  I’m going to share some of those with you guys and a few things that I look forward to adding to my Christmas decoration storage and organization soon.

Storage Bins

First, lest talk about storage bins.  Most of our Christmas decorations get wrapped in tissue paper, or packing paper and placed into bins.  I love for all of the Christmas decor bins to be either green, red, or clear so I can keep up with what it is without opening the box.  I sort the bins by type of decoration or the room that they go in.  For instance, lights go together in one bin, but all of the decorations for a kid’s room will go into one bin.  That makes it so easy when it comes time to get out all the decorations again.

This bin comes in a pack of 6!

Homz Holiday Christmas Storage Bins, 6 pack


I love how easy it is to see what is inside with clear bins too.  This set comes in a pack of 4.

Sterilite Clear Storage Bins, pack of 4


Wreath Storage

I used to just cover the wreaths in a trash bag and place them on top of the other bins when I stored them.  It worked.  However, some of the wreaths I have now are more fragile, and I want to take care of them better.  So this year, I picked up one of the wreath storage bins like below and am really glad I did!  I also linked a very affordable (at $12.99!) and more simple bag with handles that would work great for a basic greenery type wreath.  I have a couple of those wreaths and am thinking of snagging this bag for them…


heavy duty wreath bag
Heavy Duty Wreath Storage Bag



wreath storage
Wreath Storage bin


Ornament Storage

Ornaments get so tricky.  I rarely store them in the box they came in.  It is just too bulky and takes up way too much space when storing them away.  I bought the bin with cardboard separators a few years ago.  It works great, but I have too many ornaments to get in one bin now.  This year, I bought another bin.  It is collapsible and also has separators.  I have linked them below and an extra depending on your preference.

Sterilite Ornament Storage Bin


ornament storage.jpg
Household Essential, Ornament Storage 


ornament storage2
64 ornament storage bin


Christmas Tree Storage

We do a real tree here, but I know a lot of you do an artificial tree and still struggle to put back in the original box.  Here are some great storage solutions for your Christmas tree.

tree storage.jpg
Christmas Tree Storage with Wheels
stand up tree storage
Stand Up Tree Storage
2 Large Tree Storage bags


Light Storage

This is one storage solution that I plan to purchase for next year.  Before you store your lights, be sure to check them to make sure they all still work and replace any bulbs that may have burned out.  Easier to do now and not wait until you are ready to put on the tree next year.


light storage.jpg
Light Storage Reels wit Bag


light storage2
Light Cord Wind Up, 4 pack


Wrapping Paper Storage

I currently have a bin similar to the Sterilite storage bin for our Christmas wrapping paper that my sweet neighbor passed to me before she moved.  (Miss you!)  I may switch to one that I can store a little easier, like the bag style, or even upgrade to the one that also holds other wrapping essentials.  I would love being able to store the paper, gift tags, Christmas tissue paper, ribbons, etc all together.


wrapping paper
Sterlilite Wrapping Paper Storage Bin
wrapping paper2
Whitmor Christmas Wrapping Paper Organizer
wrapping paper3.jpg
Master Craft Gift Wrap solutions



Well, that’s a wrap!  (dorky pun intended)  Did I forget something?  Is there a storage solution you have been looking for?  Let me know in the comments, and I will go on the hunt for you!  I love providing organization solutions and a better way to store items we all use every year.  Simplify now to make it easier on yourself next year!

If you are on top of it and I was too late for you this year, be sure to PIN for next year!

Happy organizing!



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