The Quick and Easy Way to Clean Your Humidifier

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I got a ton of clean up and organization done around the house today.  Sometimes, when I get the clean up “bug”, I am like a pregnant woman days from birth washing walls (I remember doing that) and other ridiculous things no normal person would dream of doing.  Today’s cleaning bug may have been spurred on by the help of a little caffeine buzz, but I will take it.  No wall washing today though.

A few things had been bugging me the past week, including a mountain of moving and shipping boxes in the garage needing to be torn down and taken to the recycling center.  That mountain grew this week with the abundance of Christmas gifts being opened up and taken out of the packaging.  I may have been out there alone (hubs was working on completing his online continuing ed for real estate), freezing in like 20 degree temps, gloves on and nose running, but I handled those boxes.

Another thing was figuring out what to do with our leftovers from Christmas.  Holy moly.  During our hosting last weekend and Christmas, we ended up with 3 hams, a full size turkey we fried (so delicious), and a smoked turkey breast to top it off.  Needless to say, we have some leftovers and are totally ham and turkey’d out.  I will fill you in on my leftover plans in the next post.  Don’t throw out yours just yet, you may want in on some of this!!

Along with some other housecleaning and post Christmas whatnot (haven’t even taken down decorations yet), I made it to the star clean up job of this post, the humidifiers!  I love those things.  They make a noticeable difference around our home, especially while sleeping.  We have one in each bedroom and I am thinking of ordering one for our family area.  The dryness in the air from the heater or a burning fire is no bueno for the nasal passages or throats.

However, if they are not cleaned every now and then, those little breathe-better helpers aren’t all that helpful at all.  They can even grow mold!  eeeeewwwwww!!!!  Nobody is trying to help along some mold growth in the house.  Bonus tip for ya: magical vinegar is a safe, non toxic, very effective way to kill off mold.

I noticed last week that one of the kids’ little Vick’s humidifier was not putting out much steam.  I tried adding a little salt to help with the vaporizing.  (I believe this only works with a warm mist humidifier and it should only take a pinch or two if that is what it is needing.)  That wasn’t helping much though.

vicks humidifier
Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

So, I have tried this a few times and it always does the trick.  (note: I have only tried this cleaning hack on our warm mist humidifiers, because that is all we use.)  We also have a larger one, a Venta Cool or Warm Mist Humidifier that I LOVE.  Someone was getting rid of it and passed it on to us a few years ago.  The water tank holds a ton of water and lasts for days depending on the hours you use it.  We tend to use it only while sleeping, but recently it dawned on me that I should keep it going during the day in the winter.  So, now that is happening.

venta humidifier
Venta Cool or Warm Mist Humidifier

Now, lets talk easy cleaning.  If yours isn’t misting too well, or maybe it has been stored during the warmer weather and was just brought out after the first cough of the season, you may want to give this a try.   First, rinse it out the best you can.  Then, grab a good old cup of vinegar.  That magical chemical free cleaning solution.  I used a cup in each container today.  Then, you just simply top it off with water to the fill line.  Wah-lah folks.  That’s it.

Now, plug ’em in and let them run for a few hours.



square - cleaning humidifier

If you aren’t down with the smell of vinegar, I get it.  Plug it on the front or back porch or even in your garage.  Just be sure there is not going to be any precipitation if you put it outside.

You should start to see the mist really kick in within about 10 minutes.  After a few hours, rinse the containers out and you are ready to roll.  Sometimes after you give them a good clean, you will want to add a pinch of salt to help it get going.  (Be sure to read your manual, or look it up online if you tossed it, to be sure that adding the salt is good for your particular model.)  Use your discretion when adding anything other than what the maker intended for you to.

clean your humidifier pinterest

I’m just up for trying vinegar with a water to clean out anything.  Especially steaming items like our floor steamer, clothes steamer, or iron.  Those things get mineral build up and need a little help sometimes.  Good luck!

If you try this out or have used this simple cleaning hack in the past, be sure to comment below and let us know how that works for you!  Save the image on Pinterest for a reminder and share with a friend or 20.  Thanks for stopping by!




2 thoughts on “The Quick and Easy Way to Clean Your Humidifier

  1. I always rinse mine out with vinegar before putting them away, but I never thought about actually running it for awhile! I will try this next time! 🙂


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