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Can’t eat one more ham slice? What you can do with those leftovers.

As promised on this morning’s quick cleaning tip post, here are some ideas of what to do with your leftovers when you just can’t eat one more slice of ham or turkey.  ‘Cause that is absolutely how I feel and I am thinking you may too.  Am I right?

We invited our family to celebrate at our new home this year.  We usually have quite the Christmas Day of running around from one family gathering to another.  We are most often rushed to leave one place, and late for the next.  The kids don’t have any time to relax and enjoy their splurge of new things.  At the end of the day, we cannot even fit all of our Christmas plunder into the car.

So, this year, with the new space and opportunity to accommodate, we invited everyone here.  They graciously accepted.  It was a different kind of hectic and crazy, but we loved it.  We split the early day between our families and ended with an open house style, come and go as you want.  Basically, we ate all day.  And there was an abundance of leftovers to show for it.  Several days later now, and we still have a fridge full of ham and turkey over here.  I am over ham sandwiches.

Yesterday, I got all of the leftovers out (including one still whole ham) and sliced, diced, and bagged it up.  The diced ham I split up between two freezer bags, wrote the date on it, and put into the freezer.  Now, I can use it later throughout the freezing winter days in some crock pot bean soup (one drool worthy recipe below).  There were two leftover ham hocks.  I placed them in separate bags and they are in the freezer as well.

I left a few slices for sandwiches or munching for the husband and kiddos and put them back into the refrigerator along with some chunkier pieces I plan to use tomorrow for a Hoppin John recipe.  I think I am going to go with the lighter, healthified (as the creater called it) option down below.  Not familiar with hoppin john?  It is traditionally a southern recipe and a tip off to the new year with hopes of health, wealth, and prosperity.  And yummy to boot.  Spice it up as much you like!  The more Cajun the better for me, but the kids aren’t there yet, so I usually save the creole seasoning for my own bowl.  Mmmm

I didn’t forget about the turkey!  I just had more ham to deal with.  I left it in the fridge yesterday, but I am now thinking I should freeze because I probably won’t make it to the turkey pot pie or pot pie soup within the next day or two.  Both sound like the perfect comfort food dish on a cold night.

Here are a few photos for you to drool over and a couple recipe links for them.

turkey pot pie



Turkey Pot Pie, homemade from scratch and looks so delicious! From Sugar Spun Run.  I am really digging this.





quick and easy pot pie



If easy is your thing, go with this quick turkey pot pie recipe from Little Sweet Baker.  She did mini pot pies, but I would probably not deal with the trouble of that and just do one large pie.  Sub out your leftover chopped turkey for the canned version.



pot pie soup



Now this is a yummy looking dish!  Love the cute factor of the pie crust cut outs.  Foodie Crush has this homemade turkey pot pie soup and I am looking forward to giving this creamy dish a try.





hopping john


The classic southern cook, Paula Dean, had this Hoppin John recipe posted on her magazine page.  It is more brothy like a soup.





healthy hoppin john



Now, this one looks like my choice for tomorrow!  Still southern, but a slightly lighter version.  Who doesn’t need that after the holidays?  The Skinny Fork has a winning Hoppin John recipe for me.








Just in case Hoppin John is not your tradition, check out this veggied up (and you can always add more) Ham and White Bean soup from Dinner then Dessert.







There ya go!  If you are kicking yourself for already tossing your leftovers, no worries!  Just Pin this post for next year!  Or, if you are crazy enough, go on out and buy yourself a ham and a turkey just to chop it up and be ready for some of these yummy recipes to keep you warm through the winter.

Have a warm and blessed Sunday folks!!

Remember, if you are enjoying this, to be sure pin, post, like, share, all the works!  Thanks so much!




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