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The Joy of Advent

Hello! Boy, has been a while. I have started about 15 posts and been unable to complete them and get them posted. The home buying and moving really got away from me. Sorry y’all!!

The last couple weeks of buying, packing and home loan hickups were a whirlwind. Then, we jumped right into unpacking and hosting our first holiday event on Thanksgiving!  Then, yowza, Christmas!  The decoration explosion happened.  I am still deciding on what to keep, what to toss, and where to put everything in the new space.  More on that later… here is a glimpse of the tree fun.


I will also definitely get back to finishing the home loan posts and our experience in that process.  I promise.  But, for now, I am going to jump right in to Christmas!  Because, it is December and the wonderful season of Advent has begun!

We do a lot of holiday traditions in our home and I just love it. I get it from my mama. She was big on traditions too.  I think traditions help to give us all something to remember, as well as something look forward to each year.  It also simplifies the holidays a little bit for me.  I don’t have to think up new awesome memory makers every year.  phew!

One tradition we have had since my guy was little bitty, is the Christmas pajamas.  Love some sweet little kiddos running around in Christmas pjs covered in plaids, elves, Santa faces, or whatever fun Christmas thing floats your boat.  I did not like the thought, however, of giving those cute pajamas on Christmas Eve and then only really enjoying them for one day.  Once all of the Christmas decor is down, cute elf pjs just aren’t as cute for whatever reason.

So, we started giving a little Christmas bag or gift wrapped box on Thanksgiving evening once we had finished our rounds of family and food.  It was like a little kick-off-to-Christmas gift.  Inside would be pjs, a little candy, and maybe a movie or an activity book.

This year, with the move and all the madness, I forgot to get it all together.  I had bought the things needed, just did not get it wrapped.  Funny though, the kids did not remember or notice.  uh…. Guess it goes to show that sometimes the effort and tradition is more for me, maybe, than them.  Perhaps, they were sucked into the moving crazy also, and it just slipped their minds (fingers crossed).  Anyway, I wasn’t giving up on it.  I just decided to postpone.

Advent!  What a great night to revisit the tradition.  I got their goodies packaged up and under the tree.  After dinner, we read from our Jesus Storybook Advent Calendar Reading Plan.  It is such a great storybook Bible and the printable calendar cards help me to stay on track when the season gets really busy!  I printed those little guys on cardstock, double sided, cut them out, hole punched, and placed them on a ring with a little ribbon.

advent storybook (2)
the Jesus Storybook Bible and Printable Advent Calendar Reading Plan


The goody bag this year became a kick-off-to-Advent gift, and they loved it!  They each got pajamas, a little candy, and a Christmas painting set.  My little gal’s also included a matching night gown for her American Girl doll because, well, it’s just too cute.

advent gift jo


advent gift clay

I found both pajama sets at Target!!  Here is a link to the little plaid nightgown.  Here are the fun yeti with a string of lights.  I found another set of little girl and doll matching nightgowns there also.  So sweet!  There are tons of other cute sets online as well.  Everything ships free with Target right now!  I have certainly been using that Target bonus for the past few weeks.

They just loved their goodies!  Their sweet faces and sincere thankfulness made me even more exited for Christmas.  How many days? ha

advent gift opening
Maybe not so great on the quality here, but look at that sweet face!

Do you have some great Christmas traditions your family enjoys?  Comment below and share!  I love adding new stuff our list and will be sure to write a blog post telling you how it went!

Be sure to Like this post, Follow and Share to keep up with our fun Christmas!  Merry Christmas y’all!


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