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Why it took us 10 years to buy our first home

Hello!  Thanks for coming by.  I thought I would share a little back story on us before we dive into all the fun.  I hope this helps us become better acquainted.  We certainly did not plan to wait 10 years to buy our first home.  It seems like forever and nothing at the same time.  Plans can change so quickly.  Some set you back and some drive you forward.  Here is the super condensed version.

Casey and I have been married for 10 years this month.  Woohoo!!  Man, it really flies by.  I am 33.  We have lived in 3 states together, and we have moved… hold on and let me count… 7 times.  Those 7 moves happened in the first 4 years of our marriage.  One summer we moved twice!  We went from our first home in the mountains of Virginia, back to Kentucky, and then back to the mountains (45 minutes from where we were before) to North Carolina.  It was madness.  It was also a lot of fun.

We have lived in our current home for 6 years.  Yet, we have never bought a home.  Nope, never.

Our North Carolina View, Our 2nd true home
Our North Carolina view, Our 2nd home. We LOVED it there.


Casey was a basketball coach back then, and we moved a lot for his jobs.  The moves were so short term we never felt comfortable purchasing a home.  We wanted to avoid being unable to sell our home while moving off to the next state.  Some of those moves also put us in pretty pathetic financial positions… yep, being broke isn’t fun.  Do I hear an, “Amen!”?  Somehow, by God’s good grace, our marriage remained rock solid and we always had a great time together, regardless of the bank account.


moving day '08
Look at those youngins! That was moving day from our first home.


3 years ago he changed careers and became a self-employed commercial real estate broker.  This transition was amazing for him.  His natural talent of building relationships with people and incredible work ethic was paying off.  Our financial position was changing drastically every month.  Best part, he was loving it.  We were still far from ready to buy a home though.

I had also been an independent contractor for a financial services firm, Primerica, for 10 years.  The experience and knowledge I gained was incredible.  I also understood the financial strain families find themselves in with a high mortgage, mountains of debt, no savings, etc.  I wanted to us to be prepared.  It was tough knowing what to do and how to do it, but not having the cash for a long time to make it happen.

We carried quite a bit of debt from those broke years.  We had no savings.  On top of that, he had just began a new commission based career.  Even more, because of that self-employed status, we would have to wait at least 2 years (ugh!) to collect 2 strong tax returns in order to apply for a home loan.  We started the waiting game.  Holding tight where we were, and taking steps to be prepared when the time came.  We paid off a lot of debt.  We drive older cars.  Our furniture is old and ugly, yet we waited patiently.  Well, maybe not so patiently.  More anxiously.

We stalked homes on Zillow and the local MLS for years, even though we knew they would be gone long before we were ready.  It was fun to hope and plan though.  It also helped us narrow down we like and don’t like.  Not to mention, it created a growing awareness of our different preferences on home styles. (insert wide eyed emoji here)  He loves industrial, and I love traditional.  I think he’s coming around…




The years fly by though.  Here we are now.  Prepared.  Excited.

I am going to share with you guys next time what some of our goals were while we waited and planned.  We had 5 key financial goals that we knew would help us to be more confident at the closing date.  Buying a home is crazy.  Being as ready as you can be is so important.  Don’t rush it folks!  If your stomach gets loopy just thinking of the responsibility, then maybe you should wait, like we did.  Not sure you will live in town long?  Your job may transfer you soon?  Wait!  Real Estate markets change and so do your finances.  Do you want to start preparing and saving?  Then, read about that in this post.

If you find yourself anxious to move forward to the next home, or the next chapter in your life.  Make a list.  Create goals.  It is amazing how much it helps you focus on where you are, and what to do to make it happen.  Some goals take years to achieve.  If you rush it, you may find yourself in a world of stress and unprepared when the opportunity actually comes.  Be patient people.  Be prepared.

Think you are ready?  Keep following along as I share our journey!

Did you miss the blog opener where I shared a little about my family?  Read that one here!  If you are enjoying our stories, please like the post and follow along.  Do know someone who may enjoy this?  Please share it!

Talk to you soon!



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