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Welcome to my Home (and blog)

Hey y’all!  Let me start by introducing myself and telling you a bit about this blog.  My name is Sterling and I am from the South where people hang all day.  Like, all day.  They drink and laugh and eat good food.  So much good food.  That is just how I like it.  I love to host.  The truth is my home currently just isn’t set up for it.  My furniture is old and hand-me-down, destroyed by kids and pets and is just plain ugly.  Our space is tiny and not so pretty.  So, I am making some major changes.  Stick around or maybe come on back to enjoy the fun!

An intro to me:  I am a southern gal at heart.  I am a wife.  I am a mama of 2 beautiful kiddos here on Earth and 2 precious ones in heaven.  I am loud.  I love my family and friends fiercely.  I love Jesus and am so thankful for His daily grace and patience with me.  I think that a perfect cup of coffee and savoring delicious foods are some of the best ways to enjoy this beautiful life.  I love growing and learning something new.  I love a challenge and am very competitive.   I am not artistic or creative, but I am a pretty good copy cat.  (Enter Pinterest…)

Here is my awesome family!  (disclosure, picture is 2 years old.  Working on updated family photos asap.  Even still, aren’t they awesome?)

Our Fam
All my favorite people


My love and I have been married for just shy of 10 years and our littles are now 7 and 5.  The giant pup is our Charlie and the furry feline is Duke.  Our journey has been so blessed by the Lord in many ways, but it hasn’t been easy.  One challenge was that for many years we were broke, broke, broke.  No extra funds for fun stuff like decorating a house or buying pretty things.  Thankfully, our finances have had an overhaul in the last few years.  My husband courageously started a new career which has become a business and is continuing to evolve.  We have paid off lots of debt accrued in our broke years (YIKES!).  We are about to hunt for our very first home and we are so freakin’ excited about it!  I want to share this journey with you.

I will be blogging all about our home search, financing, purging of current home and said ugly items, and the fun of filling our new home with all the cozy and lovely pieces.  It’s going to be so fun and even comical considering I have no knack for decorating.

flower pot

Join me as I flounder through decorating my home, improve my painting skills, build up the gumption to re-finish a few pieces that belonged to my grandmother (so terrified), and enjoy discovering my own style.  Goal: The Coziest Home you ever stepped foot in.  Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

See you soon,


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